---Hullow! ^_^---
This is my 6th Website *gasps* yes, yes i know i have a lot but Utada Hikaru is one of my favourite Female Jpop singers! I justh ad to make a site about her sicne her singing is so awesome and her Voice is very Melodic, thats why I named this Site 'Melodic Dreams'.

This Layout was made by me, You may not munipulate my layout in any way and use it as your own, Please be origional and creative and make your own Website/Layout. Also the images here are not owned by me but it took me a Long time to find them So i would apprciate if you gave me some credit if you used some of the info/images here. I am making no Profit whatsoever from this Website. it is not for any personal gain, i just simply want to Spread the Joy of Hikki's Music ^^.

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